Mekazoo Brings Colourful Platforming Fun to PS4 Later This Year

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Seattle-based indie studio The Good Mood Creators announced today a new platformer for the PlayStation 4. Scheduled for a release in Q4 2015, Mekazoo aims to bring gorgeous 3D visuals to 2D platforming in the style of Donkey Kong Country. Players take on five different mekanimals: the speedy armadillo, acrobatic frog, springy wallaby, sturdy panda and high-flying pelican. The game begins with the armadillo awakening to find his friends have been turned into gigantic mekanimal bosses. Defeating them reverts them to their normal state and makes them playable characters.

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In Mekazoo, you’ll have to master the unique quirks of the five animals if you want to defeat the Insectoid army. Each of the five have different skills that grant access to areas the others can’t reach. Players can switch between two of the animals at any given time.