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Meet The Incredible Machine in Space – Nebulous

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Namazu Studios, a San Diego-based developer, have announced that their upcoming sci-fi puzzler Nebulous will be releasing on PS4. The game is set to release Q2 2015 on PC, so expect it to find its way to PS4 a bit after that. This will be the team’s first personal project after working on several titles in the past.

The trailer should look familiar to those who have played The Incredible Machine before. Each stage contains platforms, half pipes, bouncy brains, and other tools that the player must lay out in a certain manner in order to reach the goal. The part that caught my eye is when the player looks down to reveal another separate-yet-connected stage of puzzles.

Look for more info in the coming months.

My Thoughts

Nebulous will be released for Oculus Rift with a hands-free play mode. I wonder if it’ll support Morpheus use. If so, I’m definitely intrigued. If not, my interest is partially piqued. Are you looking to scratch that Incredible Machine itch that’s been hanging about for some time?