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Fenix Rage Arcade Mini-Games Add Scorechasing to Main Game

Posted by on February 12th, 2015 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

The upcoming PS4 platformer Fenix Rage will include a host of mini-games to give players a break from raging at the main campaign.

Nine games can be unlocked, each requiring players to master different mechanics to achieve high scores.
Here’s a list of the games’ descriptions from the PR:

  • Horizon: Chasing his main enemy across the horizon sky, Fenix must collect the cookies Oktarus throws out while avoiding nasty green blobs of evil.
  • Cave: In this maze-like game, Fenix must grab cookies that teleport in various areas, while avoiding blocky green blobs of malice.
  • Moor-T: Keep Fenix ablaze to break ice blocks containing cookies, while avoiding nasty one-touch death blocks.
  • Birdball: In this soccer-inspired juggling game, gamers must keep the soccer ball up in the air through Fenix’s dashing attack while avoiding lines of moving green blobs.
  • Hunter: Collect as many cookies trapped behind ice barriers, while evading the alligator-like Hunter that increases its speed the longer you play.
  • Firebox: Evade vertical floating green cubes of vile while breaking through ice blockades to grab a teleporting cookie that shifts faster and faster.
  • Room: Navigate through patterned floating green blocky blobs, and grab the teleporting cookie in this small room. Oh, and you’re upside down.
  • Cookie Nest: Keep Fenix constantly afloat — dash and juggle into ice blocks three times, and collect ice-frozen cookies inside. Avoid those nasty ink blobs.
  • Bird Game: Control one of the helpful birds, and find other birds throughout the level while avoiding yucky black evil blobs that constantly chase you.

  • My Thoughts

    I’m still very much looking forward to Fenix Rage after playing it at last year’s PAX East. It’s devilishly hard in a 1001 Spikes way, requiring dozens of restarts in order to master movements and reactions. The mini-games seem like a sweet inclusion.