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Color Guardians Splashing onto PS4 and Vita April

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Last time I was at Walmart I saw a game I had never heard of playing on the Vita sizzle reel. Now I know exactly what the game is – Color Guardians. From the video, I gather that this is going to be a game in the vein of Runner2, which apparently came out about two full years ago…

Anyways, what sets Color Guardians apart from most runners is the handful of twists in the gameplay. In short, you’ll be switching lanes AND switching guardians in order to match color with the pickups you’ll be collecting. There are over 70 levels that include hidden unlockables.

The game is coming from Fair Play Labs to Vita and PS4 on April 14th. If you can’t wait until then, it’ll be at Game Connection in San Francisco next week. It includes a platinum trophy, one I imagine is going to be wicked tough to attain.

My Thoughts

I’m psyched about this game. I just hope there’s a rhythm aspect to it, as the music seems pretty sweet.