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Sandbox RPG Izle Announced for PSN

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Izle is the last world of light. Create a character, discover new landscapes, and defend it at all costs. Izle was just announced for PSN, releasing sometime in 2016. From the alpha build video, it looks like Dark Cloud and rymdkapsel met at a party one night and discussed their views on saving the world you’ve created. Oh, and there seems to be a bit of influence from that digging game with the resource gathering and the object crafting.

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Izle is being developed by Area Effect, a studio made up of Ubisoft veterans. Full of promise, the game already won some shiny medals at the European Game Connection Development Awards in October 2014.
Register now for the upcoming closed alpha test at Izle‘s website.

Will you be making your own worlds when Izle releases?

My Thoughts

I’m digging the art-style and the terraforming mechanic. If done right, this could be a Don’t Starve with a third-person point of view. Also, I’m dying to get on the airship…