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Touhou Project’s PlayStation Lineup Confirmed

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I’ll be honest with you, I know nothing about Touhou other than that it’s a big deal amongst game fans in Japan. Apparently a massive property was born from the equivalent of a Japanese PC indie game, that has since spawned countless official and unofficial games, comics, music and more. During Sony’s pre-TGS 2014 press conference in September, the platform holder, Touhou mastermind ZUN and Mediascape announced that some of the fan games in the series would be released on PS Vita and PS4. The trio have now confirmed the titles that will launch sometime in 2015:

To celebrate this, two PS Vita custom theme sets were released on the PlayStation Store. The first (below, right) is a winter set based on the world of Gensokyo, the setting of the Touhou Project series. It features eight different background images, custom icons and background music. Additional themes based on Gensokyo will be released during the other seasons.


The second theme (above, left) is based on Genso Rondo and features eleven background images, as well as custom icons and music.

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