The Tomorrow Children’s Alpha Detailed With an Infographic and New Gameplay Videos

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Q-Games newest title The Tomorrow Children’s alpha ended recently, and now they’re releasing the stats, along with three brand new gameplay videos. If you didn’t know already, The Tomorrow Children takes place during an alternate Cold War era, where you work together with other players online to make and protect a village. Below are the new videos, along with a brief summary of each.

The first video is titled ‘Defending Your Town!’ and shows off the game’s combat. The post and video display how as your town progresses, new weapons open up to you.

The second video, which is titled ‘Unite For Glory!’ shows how other players will interact with your town, and you with theirs.

The final video called ‘Alpha Test Imagineering!’ shows off how each town can be unique.

Before I leave you with the infographic at the bottom of the post, are you excited for The Tomorrow Children, and did you take part in the Alpha? Let us know in the comments below.