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Shovel Knight headed to PS4, PS3, and Vita

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Shovel Knight, winner of the Best Independent Game award at last nights TGAs, is headed to PlayStation platforms next year. In Shovel Knight it is up to you to take on the Order of No Quarter as well as the Enchantress in order to save your beloved Shield Knight. The game itself is an action platformer that will very quickly remind you of a number of classic games such as Mega Man and Castlevania. It even has a checkpoint system that really digs (ha!) into the same sort of risk/reward feeling you might get from those games from From Software.

In Shovel Knight you’ll access new locations by traveling across a world map reminiscent of Super Mario Bros 3. You’ll sometimes come across special characters that act as secret boss fights which brings us to one of the cooler reveals during Sony’s keynote today. Kratos, from God of War, will appear in the game as one of the many optional bosses in the game.

Shovel Knight will release on all PlayStation platforms in 2015.