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Sketchcross coming to Vita early next year

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Up to this point Picbox has been one of the only nonogram-style puzzle game available on PlayStation. Luckily that will be changing early next year when Sketchcross launches on the PlayStation Vita.

If you’re unfamiliar with nonogram puzzles the concept is pretty simple. You’re given number clues along each row and column that you’ll need to use to fill out each cell on a grid. Successfully completing the puzzle will reveal a hidden image.

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Sketchcross will launch with 50 puzzles ranging from 5×5-30×30 with plans to offer additional puzzles after release. In addition to the normal mode Sketchcross also features a Frenzy mode that will give you a randomly generated puzzle to solve as quickly as possible.

Sketchcross is scheduled to release on Vita early next year.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]