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Vib-Ribbon heads to PSN for PS3, Vita

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In the time between the release of Um Jammer Lammy and Parappa 2, NanaOn-Sha created Vib-Ribbon for the PlayStation. Presented with white vector visuals, the game was another unique take on the rhythm genre from the studio. Players take Vibri, a female rabbit, through tracks by pressing buttons to dodge obstacles. Failure sees Vibri devolve from a rabbit to a frog and even a worm. Success is met with Vibri’s transformation into an angel.

Vib-Ribbon was originally released in Japan in 1999 with a European release the following year. The game never hit North American shelves … well, at least the physical ones. Spurred by interest taken after a few name drops during E3 2014, Sony announced that Vib-Ribbon will be heading to North America for the first time tomorrow. Compatible with PS3 and Vita, the rhythm classic will also see a release in Japan, Latin America and Europe within the next week.

One of Vib-Ribbon’s unique features is the ability to import music from audio CDs to generate new levels. That will be present in the PlayStation 3 release of the game, though it looks like Vita owners will be limited to the six in-game pieces performed by Laugh and Peace.

Sony didn’t specify how Vib-Ribbon was going to be released on PSN, but I suspect it’ll be a PSone Classic. Interestingly, Sony did hint that they’re working on a solution for PS4 users. Does that mean PSone Classics will finally make a debut on Sony’s current home console? Time will tell.

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