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Super Mega Baseball coming soon to PS4 and PS3

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Super Mega Baseball, developed by Metalhead Software, is a new ‘lite’ simulation baseball game that’ll be available soon on the PS4 and PS3. The game aims to provide an enjoyable baseball experience that’s accessible even to those who may not be too familiar with baseball. Super Mega Baseball does not carry the MLB license so the developers have taken that opportunity to get creative with the stadiums and players.

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The game features co-operative and competitive multiplayer for two to four players, full team customization, 4 stadiums, a leveling system, as well as a full season and playoff mode. According to the developer, even though the game features a comical presentation, Super Mega Baseball features realistic physics and sticks to the core fundamentals of baseball.

Super Mega Baseball is set to release sometime this Fall on PS4 and PS3.

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