Run Like Hell! Sprinting on to PS Vita on September 16th

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A release date for the action-runner Run Like Hell! has been given a release date of September 16th for PS Vita.

As a fearless treasure hunter on a tropical island, a tribe of hungry cannibals are running to kill you. So, as the name suggests, your only option is to run like hell. The player will run through several environments, such as a jungle, a calm village, cool caverns or the beach. There is also a bonus level.

Gameplay includes sliding under obstacles and jumping through hoops while navigating the procedurally generated levels. Run Like Hell! offers three game modes: The Great Escape, (story mode), Arcade (endless run), and Online that includes Versus, Tournaments, and Challenges. Choose from 12 characters to ascend the leaderboards and complete 50 different objectives.

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]