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PAX Prime 2014: Broforce

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Imagine a playable The Expendables video game, with the look of an 8-bit style. Broforce, brings this to life with its co-op gameplay and all out carnage being featured on screen. In Broforce, each player plays as a “bro” who is heavily inspired by famous action heroes in movies from the ’80s and ’90s, such as John McClane or Indiana Jones. However they are renamed Bro Hard and Indiana Brones for this game.  Completing a level leaves your characters riding off in a helicopter while an American flag flies behind them. Its over-the-top, and it’s great.

Almost everything in the world is destructible, even the ground. Destruction is one of the main gameplay aspects as it can lead to a secret area or a shortcut. At times there may be a difficult enemy at the top of a ladder, but instead of shooting him, you could shoot the ground below him to make him fall on some explosive barrels. With all the destruction available, the developers, Free Lives Games’ knows that a player could get stuck if they destroy too much of the world around them, leaving players unable to have a platform to jump on to proceed. In order to avoid frustration, the developers have added a ladder that is indestructible so that players can proceed without having to restart a level.

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Up to four players can play cooperatively and the game can get challenging if everyone is actively destroying areas around other players, as they can be caught in the blast. However, the all out carnage that occurs on screen is worth some of the frustration at times. To contribute to the “bro” motif, high-fives and flexing mini games were included.

Broforce was one of my favorite games I played at PAX Prime, and am eager to see how the final game shapes up.

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