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Salt and Sanctuary announced for PS4 and Vita

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Ska Studios, Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher series, announced that their new game Salt and Sanctuary will be coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita in 2015. Similar to their past games Salt and Sanctuary is an action platformer featuring a heavy emphasis on stylistic combat and 2D hand animated sprites.

Salt and Sanctuary casts you as a sailor shipwrecked on a strange, purgatorial island, insulated somehow against a backdrop of centuries-old worldwide perpetual war. What hope remains is isolated in Sanctuaries: protected dwellings where travelers band together under common creeds to take shelter from the hostile world outside.

In Salt and Sanctuary there’s a number of variations and strategies you can use in combat. Weapons can be one-handed, paired with a shield, or two-handed depending on your own preferences. You can even wield a cross-bow in your off-hand for more options. You’ll also have access to magical weapons as well consumables like throwing daggers. Weapons have weight to them which means you’ll have to watch how your equipment alters your movement and roll-speed.

Salt and Sanctuary will launch sometime in 2015 exclusively on PS4 and Vita.

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