Psychological Minigame Collection Pillar Announced For PS4

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Inspired by Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia and the Myers-Briggs self-assessment test, game developer Michael Hicks has set some lofty goals for Pillar, a new PS4 title announced today. His aim is to tell a story through non-traditional means like cutscenes and dialogue boxes. Instead, it’s set to have the plot told directly through the gameplay mechanics.

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Touching upon the psychology and Magnolia influences, Pillar intends to weave the storylines of various characters together in ways that are linked thematically. This is done through a series of mini-games that represent a different type of personality. For example, there are introverts who lose energy from being around people, extroverts who expand energy from interacting with others, characters who make decisions with logic, characters who make decisions with feeling and so on. Much like the story, Hicks intends to make these personality traits known through gameplay.

Pillar has a release window of this fall.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]