PS4 System Update 2.0 Detailed: Adds Youtube Uploading, Friend Finder, Share Play

Posted by on August 12th, 2014 | 2 Comments | Tags:

Details on PS4 system update 2.0 were revealed earlier today during Sony’s Gamescom press conference. With the new update you’ll be able to upload your captured videos directly to Youtube as well as find specific friends easier with the new Friend Finder functionality.

The most notable new feature however, comes in the form of Share Play. During last year’s PS4 reveal event we were told that one day we might be able to take control of a friend’s game through streaming technology in order to help them through a tough portion of a game. Share Play is that idea turned into a reality. With Share Play not only will you be able to help a friend through a tough level, but you’ll also be able to invite players to join your session as if it was a local multiplayer game. So those games like Towerfall or Sportsfriends that are local multiplayer only? Share Play will allow you to invite friends online to join you in those games as if they were on the couch right next to you.

PS4 System Update 2.0 will be coming in the next few months and we’ll likely learn about other new features as it gets closer. Until then what are your thoughts on Share Play? Let us know in the comments below!