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#killallzombies announced for PS4

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#killallzombies takes place in a distant future in which zombies are used as part of a survival game. Players are thrust into an arena in which the television audience are able to vote for specific things to happen while you fight your way through hordes of zombies. The arena itself is comprised of hexagonal tiles that can alter the landscape of the arena, create dangerous obstacles, or spawn helpful weapons at any moment. If you’re live streaming the game the viewers will have the ability to vote for specific things to happen that might help or hinder your progress.

Three of the ways a spectator might be able to alter your experience are as follows:

1.) Every 80 seconds, viewers have a choice of two encounter options available to vote on, including encounter spawns, various arena events, timed bonuses, and perks.

2.) The perk select screen has its own voting mechanic in which if the player decides to wait and select the spectator’s most voted perk, the player will be offered additional XP and Health.

3.) The chat commands are available throughout the broadcast as we are executing chat commands in real time, allowing the spectators to affect on a variety of imperative decisions that can significantly increase or decrease your chance of survival — such as increasing or decreasing your character’s speed or health, spawning more or less enemies, etc.

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#killallzombies promises to have a large variety of weapons as well as plenty of zombie types to kill with said weapons. Killing zombies will enable you to level up which will unlock special perks that make survival in the arena easier. #killallzombies is currently aiming for a PS4 release sometime in September.