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Inner City Kids announced for PS Vita

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Inner City Kids is a street culture themed turn based strategy game that follows a group of kids who, upon discovering that the city’s adults are being kidnapped and replaced by robots every evening, team up to fight for their city.

In Inner City Kids your mission is to fight back and prevent the city from being overrun by robots. You’ll explore the city and robot dungeons, save adults from abduction, gather intel, and craft weapons using modules and frames that you collect along the way. Weapon modules/frames will be found as you play and can be used in various ways to create all sorts of different types of weapons. Frames determine the type of attack (sword, gun, grenade, etc.) while the modules determine the effect (status effect, damage area, damage type, etc.). This system aims to provide you with a number of different options in combat.

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Inner City Kids is currently aiming for a Spring 2015 release date on the PlayStation Vita.