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Hollowpoint Making Console Debut on PS4

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Developer Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2), has announced at Gamescom today that its four player co-op action game, Hollowpoint, will be coming to PS4.

Hollowpoint is a highly tactical, four player co-operative action game featuring a blend of fast paced 2D platform shooter gameplay – directional aiming – with precision based 3D shooter gameplay – pin point reticle aiming.

In the world of Hollowpoint, Mega Corporations are engaged in corporate warfare, and hire organizations to do their fighting for them. Taking on missions earns you XP and Credits, in which both are important to improving your organization. With XP comes Operative Abilities, which are built as a Tech Tree that branches out to different abilities to upgrade. There is a cap limit to your spending, so choose wisely.

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Environments are procedurally generated and missions are chosen dynamically during play. Ruffian describes this as a gameplay loop, in which players are constantly experiencing new environments and layouts.

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