Alone With You coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015

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As the only surviving member of a failed terraforming colony it is up to you to find a way off the planet that, within a month, will crumble and implode. Unfortunately the only people who knew how to operate the one remaining escape pod are all dead. With the help of the ship’s AI you’ll need to discover ways to recreate specific members of the colony if you want to have any chance to escape.

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Alone With You, coming to PS4 and Vita next year, is attempting to make romance a key part of this overall adventure and exploration game. Key relationships will play a major role in the overarching story. Although what that means exactly is a little unclear at this point.

For now you should check out the trailer for the game embedded above this post. Alone With You is coming to PS4 and Vita next year.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]