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Magical Beat Makes Its Way To PS3 Next Week In Japan

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Magical Beat, a rhythm puzzle game from Arc System Works originally debuted in Japanese arcades back in 2012 before seeing a Vita release this past year. Now the studio behind games like Guilty Gear and Blazblue are preparing a PS3 version set to launch next week. The home console version of Magical Beat adds a Mugen (survival) Mode and online leaderboards. While Cross-Buy isn’t supported for the base game, purchasing any of the five DLC packs will entitle you to versions on both PS Vita and PS3.


For those unfamiliar, Magical Beat is a puzzler where players match 3 blocks of a similar colour in time to the music’s beat. The game features 30 tracks in the base release spanning original content from Nico Nico vocaloid producer Kikuo, as well as crossover tracks from Arc System’s other titles like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. Additionally, players can choose from 13 original character sprites or use characters from BlazBlue (pictured above) and Xblaze Code: Embyro. DLC packs add even more music and characters from the three aforementioned titles.

Magical Beat launches on August 5th in Japan and will cost 1,234yen. Arc System Works published an English version of the Vita build in the US last month, but there’s been no word on what will happen to the PS3 version.

NOTE: The trailer embedded above is from the Japanese PS Vita release.

[Source: Magical Beat Official Site]
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