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Hohokum Launch Trailer Showcases Worlds; Potential Narrative

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The launch trailer for Honeyslug’s hotly anticipated Hohokum released a few days ago. The trailer revolves around what Richard Hogg describes as “a crazy lovable hermit guy” narrating several different gameplay moments. Perhaps this is a preview of a meta-narrative? I’m just about 100% sure that this game is going to be laced with some underlying meaning – or perhaps meanings! – that the player will draw for him/herself.

Hohokum will be available for PS4, PS3, and PSVita at the cross-buy price of $14.99. It is currently available for pre-order as a part of the PlayStation Store PLAY promotion.

My Thoughts

While I am careful to avoid the gross hyperbole surrounding this game, I will confess that after playing it at PAX Prime last year, it is elegant, exciting, creative, and fun. Not to mention the music, which is entrancing. This is the real indie deal, folks; a game full of discovery and quirkiness, most reminiscent of Flower. I can’t wait to play it in full next month. Is anyone else sold?