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Entwined launches on PS3 and Vita today

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Last month during their E3 press conference Sony announced and then immediately released Entwined on PS4. Later today Entwined will finally release on the PS3 and Vita complete with cross-buy and cross-save functionality.

Entwined puts you in control of a bird and fish who are in love, but unfortunately are always separated. You’ll need the bird and fish with each analog stick as they fly through a tunnel collecting orbs. Once enough orbs are collected the bird and fish will combine into a dragon with the ability to ‘paint the sky’. You can check out our review of the PS4 version here.

Entwined is currently available for $9.99 and is cross-buy. Those who already own the game will immediately have access to the PS3 and Vita versions when the game launches on those platforms later today.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]