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The E3 2014 App For PS4 Is Now Live

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Sony’s E3 2014 press conference is Monday at 5:45pm PDT/8:45pm EDT (see other timezones here) and it’s sure to bring a lot of exciting announcements. My E3 experience has always consisted of being on my PC as I read liveblogs or watched a stream that’s buckling under the load of thousands of viewers. Those of you with a PS4 can take solace, as Sony’s released a new application that will allow you watch the press conference live on your TV. There’s a host of other features too, such as the ability to be entered into the PlayStation Now beta program and earn Amazon Prime/Music Unlimited trials.

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You can download the app here. It’s a US-only release, sorry other North Americans!

Wait, I’m an other North American … I guess it’s Ustream for me.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]