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EarthNight Annouced for PS4, Vita

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EarthNight, a 2D, hand-painted roguelike runner set around a dragon apocalypse has been announced for PS4 and PS Vita. The Vita version will be released shortly after the PS4 version and the game will launch on both platforms in 2015.

Dragons have overtaken the planet, and have exiled the human race to outer space. The game follows Stanley and Sydney as they sky dive down to the Earth’s surface while trying to eliminate as many dragons as possible.

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Levels consist of either running on the backs of dragons, or skydiving while trying to avoid them. The running sections are more frantic, while the skydiving sections act as a level select.

The majority of the game revolves around 2 buttons and is easily accessible for newcomers. Stanley is great for beginners with a simpler control scheme, while Sydney’s controls are less intuitive, but offers a greater reward.

Each element of the visuals is painted by Paul Davey from Mattahan and the soundtrack is composed by Chipocrite.

EarthNight will be playable in the Sony booth at E3 next week.

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