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Defense Grid 2 Bringing Co-op Mode to PS4 version

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Eric had previously reported on the announcement that publisher 505 Games would be bringing Defense Grid 2 to PS4 as well as computers. Today, we got word that a new co-op mode would be shown at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, we now know that Defense Grid 2 will arrive on PlayStation 4 sometime during the Fall of 2014.

Defense Grid 2 is a melding of what we would call a traditional first-person shooter and a tower defense game. To survive, the humans must mount their defense against an alien onslaught. At E3, the co-op level will take place on the planet Correl, a planet brutalized by earthquakes and unstable volcanic activity. The task at hand requires teamwork and strategic precision in order to reroute the alien invasion away from the cores.

Currently, the PS4 is severely lacking in the tower defense genre. Still no sign of Plants vs Zombies 2 or maybe a PS4 port of PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate. While others like Anomaly 2 have been announced, we still have yet to play anything. Leave us a comment in the field below…