Abigail Walker fetches her own story in inFamous First Light

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Otherwise known as “Fetch”, Abigail Walker is the conduit with the show-stealing powers over neon. She gives Delsin the power of super speed over all terrain among other things. But how did Fetch become the dark and misguided conduit Delsin came to meet? InFamous First Light aims to shed some light on her story.

The game was announced during Sony’s E3 2014 press conference earlier this week. In it, players will play through Fetch’s story of heart ache, drug abuse, and abandonment. Her brother Brent will come up again and we’ll finally get to see how she deals with lock up at the high alpine prison called Curdun Cay.

InFamous First Light will become available to download from the PlayStation Network for PS4 this August for $14.99 (scrub to 7:24). As a standalone game, Second Son is not required to play First Light, but those that “own” both will have access to exclusive content.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]