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VizionEck Announced for PS4

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Today, VizionEck, the studio’s name, announced that its first game with the same name, VizionEck, will be coming to PlayStation 4. The game is “technically an FPS”, but does not have much in common with traditional first person shooters.

In the game, players control a cube named a Ranger, but no real gameplay has been shown. Your health in the game is shown by the brightness of your outlines. A white outline signifies full health and black demonstrates that you are near death. When nearing death, it is harder for the enemy to hit you and allows you to use the dark environment to your advantage.

The spawn room reveals 24 blocks that appear to Rangers such as yourself, and it is up to other players to decide which is real and which is fake. Choosing wrongly will leave that player open for a counterattack. VizionEck mentions there are “loads more hinted and demonstrated” in the reveal trailer, but it does not showcase very much to be honest.

The game has “been in development for a long time”, and is “still far from completion”, according to lead developer and founder Michael Armbrust.

Fans are encouraged to follow them on Twitter and visit their website.

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