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Jet Car Stunts flying towards PS3 and Vita in July, PS4 in August

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One of my very first Android games was called Jet Car Stunts by True Axis. It was a really great starter game to play on a mobile device, because it was hardcore enough to show that games requiring skill could exist on phones. Now it’s coming to PS3, PS4 and Vita this summer with improved visuals and more flair than a T.G.I.F. waitress.

We’ve reported on Jet Car Stunts before, but for the uninitiated it’s a racing game with a splash of platforming and the handling of Rush 2049. Getting to the end of the level is par for the course, but getting there with style and as fast as possible is what it will take to be the best. The floating courses pose a precarious challenge to those not comfortable with heights or the requirements of entering into a turn using nothing but G-force.

This new version of an over 3 year old game will bring new visuals, cars, tracks, and game modes. Multiplayer will be available in an asynchronous capacity, allowing friends to challenge other friends with their fastest times or highest scores.

Jet Car Stunts will first release on PS3 and Vita in July. The PS4 version will come out in August in full 1080p HD at 60 frames-per-second, but all will be Cross-Buy and with Cross-Play according to Grip Games. I like to think of Jet Car Stunts as a behind-the-wheel DMV driving test for lunatics.