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It Looks Like Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Is Heading To The West

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5pb.’s Phantom Breaker series has a weird history in North America and Europe. The root of the franchise is a fighting game that originally debuted as an Xbox 360 release in Japan in 2011. This version of the game was announced for a western release via Southpeak’s 7Sixty publishing label, but never actually came out. 5pb. would later put out revisions of the game for the arcades, PS3, and 360 market in Japan. Despite the series’ origins not seeing an English release, the company decided to publish its Xbox Live Arcade beat’em up spinoff, Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds, globally. This game was ported to PS Vita earlier this year in Asia, and an entry from Germany’s USK ratings board indicates that the game is going to be released internationally.

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Battlegrounds tells the story of a group of girls that attempt to rescue a friend kidnapped by the evil Phantom. The co-operative action brawler features super deformed versions of characters found in the Phantom Breaker fighting games. Outside of 4-player play, the game features a level and skills system alongside a variety of modes, including Battlegrounds, which pits players against one another in a fighting game format. The game has a crossover with 5pb.’s Steins; Gate series. At least in Japan, all DLC for the game will be Cross-Buy with the upcoming Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds Overdrive release on PS4.

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