If Starfox and Dyad had a baby… it’d be named Futuridium EP Deluxe

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In a world where bright colors lay dormant atop cube filled levels and a ship threatens the very existence of teal blocks everywhere. Futuridium EP Deluxe aims to lay waste to any would be violators of the aquamarine variety. And it’s coming to a PlayStation 4 and Vita near you this July, with eye-popping visuals and Cross-Buy for the masses.

This Deluxe edition of Futuridium (Extended Play) is made exclusively for PS4 and Vita by MixedBag. Up front, it features an epic 50-level campaign taking pilots across five zones, each with their own unique boss and bonus area. The ship is now equipped with a turbo booster, effectively raising the stakes and the challenge simultaneously.

Can you earn all three medals in all 50 levels? Who will be the first to accomplish the feat… only time will tell.