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Curtis Plays: Outlast: Whistleblower

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One thing that stuck with me about my own experience with Outlast was that, as I played through it in a single sitting, my journey into the asylum started at night and reached its climax as the sun began to rise. Once the headphones came off it felt like I had spent the night in Mount Massive Asylum and left a changed person. Whistleblower, while shorter, is very much what you’d expect from more Outlast content, but the violence and the patients within the asylum have been cranked up to 11. It serves to be a more focused and tightly packed experience than the base game and in many ways it’s better for it. Just know that, if you weren’t fond of the gore within Outlast, this DLC is far gorier and far more disturbing.

The ~2.5 hour DLC puts you in control of Waylon Park (the software engineer who originally tipped off journalists about the Asylum’s shaky history) as you witness the events before and after the original game. You’ll find yourself going through completely new areas of the asylum (only 1-2 old areas return) as well as running into two new psychotic patients that want to do things to you. In the original game you were periodically asked to “flip these three levers and return here” whereas in the DLC you mostly follow an A -> B progression. There are still keys to find and levers to pull, but never multiple objectives at once. That aside, you’ll still need to be mindful of your batteries as well as film weird footage with your camera to unlock special notes.

Of the two new ‘enemies’ in the game there is one in particular, The Groom, who will likely stick with you for a very long time to come. Without spoiling anything The Groom is quite possibly one of the most disturbing characters in recent memory. His role in the game leads to one specific scene which is by far one of the most gruesome and disturbing sequences I’ve ever seen. Whistleblower goes farther than I ever imagined and while I’m not a fan of gore I’m glad that they did. The horrors that you’ll witness within the asylum are unforgettable and it makes the experience that much better.

Whistleblower neatly ties together the original game and DLC while ending on a really satisfying note. It closes the book on Mount Massive Asylum while leaving room for more should Red Barrels ever want to explore what evils might await beyond the asylum. Needless to say you should count me in on whatever Red Barrels does next. They really hit this one out of the park.