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Ace Combat Infinity – Engage Trailer

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Bandai Namco’s free-to-play Ace Combat game for PS3, Ace Combat Infinity, launches tonight in Japan and next week in the west. To mark this occasion, the company has released a new trailer titled Engage. It showcases the game’s rival Ridgeback squadron, as well as the battle against the Butterfly Emblem and the UAVs. Bandai Namco promises to share more info regarding the game’s future updates on launch day.

Taking place in a near future world, Ace Combat Infinity blends various aspects of previous games that fans enjoyed and introduces new features like an online co-op mission mode and robust customization options. Co-op gameplay consists of real-time battles with two co-op teams of four aircraft fighting against NPCs. Bandai Namco promises a player vs. player option will be available shortly after launch. Like any Ace Combat game, Infinity features a story mode that will ease veterans and new players into the game. Want a more personal look for your plane? Customization can be done via skins, and emblems. The game also has a contract system which sees players purchase and complete contracts which boost the performance of their planes, weapon systems and more.