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PlayStation Vita Pets will be barking up a storm this June

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Tired of all of those other pet simulators that just have you tend to your virtual companion? Are you interested in going on an adventure? Sony Computer Entertainment, and Spiral Horse have got what you’re looking for. PlayStation Vita Pets is a brand new title that allows players to pamper their pups with the typically training, and playing you’ll find in other games. But those are only exercises for a much larger quest. Beyond the confines of the house there’s an entire island to explore. Rummaging through forests, caves and other locales, you’ll be able to dig up clues and artifacts that will open up new areas of the world, each containing more hidden items, new challenges and puzzles to solve. The ultimate goal is to uncover a long lost legend of a king and his dog as well as their treasure in the centre of Castlewood Island.

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If that wasn’t enough to set PlayStation Vita Pets apart from the rest of the pack, the dogs talk. In fact, to get players attached to the animals as much as possible there’s around 10,000 lines of recorded dialogue. Spiral Horse stresses that this was done to ensure that every day with your friend felt new.

PlayStation Vita Pets is scheduled to launch on June 3rd as a PlayStation Store exclusive in North America. Europe will receive a retail release.

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