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Krinkle Crusher comes to life on PS Vita

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You might remember Ilusis from Streetkix: Freestyle, a rare PSP game in 2014 that sought to combine soccer juggling with rhythm gameplay. The Brazilian studio was originally formed in 2008 and did work for hire projects until last year, when a decision was made to focus on original IPs. Ilusis is part of the Latin American PlayStation Incubation Project, which sees Sony Computer Entertainment partner up with Latin American talent to bring games from unexpected places to PlayStation platforms. Ilusis’ first title through this collaboration was Streetkix on the aging PSP, but their second looks to take things up a notch on Sony’s latest handheld.

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Krinkle Crusher is a Unity powered tower defense game for PlayStation Vita. Rather than place weapons or towers, players cast spells to ward off the mysterious Krinkles. They may seem cute, but these creatures will devour everything in their path. It’s your duty to fight them off and protect the castle by casting the right elemental spell at the right spot. But be warned, throughout the game’s 60+ levels you will confront over 15 types of Krinkles, and some are a bit more crafty than others. One variety of Krinkle can eat through your spells, while another will dig tunnels in an attempt to launch a direct attack. The battlefield also changes depending on the time of day, and weather. As if the grunts and the weather working against you weren’t bad enough; you’ll also have boss battles against Krinkle Generals, as well as the Krinkle King, where unique strategies will be key to taking them down. Once you’ve protected your castle, it’s off to the Swamp, and then the Forest to go on the offensive against these strange beasts on their home turf. While playing Krinkle Crusher, players will be able to unlock new spells and upgrades while simultaneously learning about the Krinkles.

Ilusis hopes the game provides an engaging experience where players won’t want to put the game down. The studio is hoping to get Krinkle Crusher out sometime in June or July.