Ironclad Tactics brings the Civil War, card-based tactics, and robots to the PS4

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Ironclad Tactics is a collectible card-based tactics game set during the Civil War. (Also there’s robots apparently.) The trailer above shows a decent selection of gameplay but we do have a few bits of information you’re going to want to know.

First and foremost Ironclad Tactics will not offer any sort of booster packs that you can purchase. All of the cards in the game can be unlocked by playing through the game and winning matches. Turns between players and the AI are streamlined so that the game is fast-paced with very little time to wait around for the opponent to make a move. Ironclad Tactics’ story plays out in the form of an eighty page in-game graphic novel.

The multiplayer in Ironclad Tactics allows for head-to-head matches against friends online/local, cooperative play through the game’s campaign, and even a mode in which you can take control of one of the game’s many bosses.

At the moment there’s no firm release date for the game but hopefully we’ll be sure to post an update as soon as we know more.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]