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Bandai Namco’s free-to-play Ace Combat Infinity takes to the sky in May

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Bandai Namco’s long running Ace Combat series is back on the PlayStation 3, and this time the battle has changed from a retail product, to a free-to-play download on the PlayStation Store. Japanese gamers will get a taste of Ace Combat Infinity on May 20th, with a North American and European release to follow the week after on May 27th, and May 28th.

Taking place in a near future world, Ace Combat Infinity blends various aspects of previous games that fans enjoyed and introduces new features like an online co-op mission mode and robust customization options. Co-op gameplay consists of real-time battles with two co-op teams of four aircraft fighting against NPCs. Bandai Namco promises a player vs. player option will be available shortly after launch. Like any Ace Combat game, Infinity features a story mode that will ease veterans and new players into the game. Want a more personal look for your plane? Customization can be done via skins, and emblems. The game also has a contract system which sees players purchase and complete contracts which boost the performance of their planes, weapon systems and more.

In other free-to-play Bandai Namco news, SoulCalibur: Lost Swords should’ve been released today in North America, but it’s currently missing. A European release is scheduled for tomorrow.

UPDATE: SoulCaliBUR: Lost Swords is now available to download in North America on PS3.