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Backgammon Blitz slides into PS4 on April 15th in North and South America

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My pal Robert Karp has reached out to inform us all that Backgammon Blitz has an official release date. The game is scheduled to launch on PS3, PS4 and Vita for $7.99 when the North and South American PSN stores update on April 15th. One important thing to note is that the game is not Cross-Buy entitled. So, if you’re hardcore about your backgammon games, expect to pay $24 for all three PlayStation versions.

On the positive side of things, Backgammon Blitz will fully support Cross-Play for its asynchronous multiplayer. For example, if you’re playing on PS3, you can challenge and play against a friend who happens to be playing from their PS4 or Vita. The way it works is much like Pure Chess (same developers). You’ll make a move in your game and send it to player 2. They’ll make their move and send it to you. In this way, both players can make their moves as fast or as slow as they want, eliminating potential quits or disconnects during long heating backgammon games.

Remember, Backgammon Blitz comes from a polished pedigree following closely in the footsteps of Hustle Kings and Pure Chess. There will be four themes to choose from such as wood and leather that aim to impress. Additionally, the “Blitz” in the title is there to represent the Blitz mode. With eight unique power-ups to choose from, you must choose only three to help you defeat your opponents.

Follow us at Twitch.tv/PSNStores to watch live streams of gameplay and stay tuned for our review to follow the game’s launch on April 15th. Leave a comment or question about Backgammon Blitz down below and we can ask Robert Karp to join us for another PSNStores Live Video Chat.