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Tiny Brains receives a free update and new trailer

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Despite its many flaws, I found the Spearhead Games’ Tiny Brains to be a very enjoyable game when I reviewed it back in December of last year. It was also released with a $20 price tag and only available on PS4 at the time. A lot has changed since then, including a sizeable update that adds new maps and refreshes several existing features.

505 Games informs us that Tiny Brains is now priced at $9.99 as a Cross-Buy purchase on PS3 and PS4. This update, however, is absolutely free. Let’s take a look at the changelist below:

New features include:

  • 10 new time-based and puzzle challenges in the “Road to Stardom” game mode, including the Infernal Carousel, Battle of Sphereburg, and Matrix Ball
  • A  rebranded version of existing content in “Escape the Mad Lab” and a new star-based progression and scoring system in the revamped “Road to Stardom”
  • Souped-up superpower for the Minsc the hamster — Now, he can freeze objects with his ice blocks!
  • Updated user interface that allows players to better navigate throughout modes and challenges
  • New online functionality for the demo, so trial players can host online games through Chapter 1 and join campaign games hosted by players with the full version

That last bit with the trial users being able to play online with full version owners is a nice touch. Judging from the new update trailer embedded above, the visuals have received a fresh coat of paint, one of the things I nitpicked about in my review. Please follow us on Twitch.tv/psnstores, as I will be streaming the update throughout the weekend.