The Last Tinker: City of Colors offers joyous HD graphics while tackling racism this summer

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Unity Games and Mimimi Productions are planning to release The Last Tinker: City of Colors to consoles sometime this summer, according to a recent press release. Being compared to classic 3D platforming games like Jak and Daxter, The Last Tinker is about a street kid named Koru who must take control over the power of color to solve puzzles and stave the baddies in order to vanquish the Bleakness.

Johannes Roth, CEO of Mimimi Productions says this about the game:

We aim to pass on the legacy of these classics because we believe gamers of all ages will enjoy the unique blend of visual styles and the accessible modern gameplay of The Last Tinker: City of Colors.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors will include the follow list of features:

  • Colorful and joyous out-of-this-world HD environments
  • A cast of strange hand drawn off-beat characters
  • Over 8 hours of action-packed puzzle and fighting gameplay
  • Captivating story-line covering present-day issues on culture and racism
  • Color blind mode for people with red-green color blindness
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The press release we received only mentions “consoles” as a whole. It’s safe to say that with three strong Unity compatible PlayStation development platforms with millions consumer consoles in homes worldwide, The Last Tinker is bound for at least one of them.