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Table Top Racing zipping onto Vita this Spring

Posted by on March 27th, 2014 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Playrise Digital is a mobile games developer with deep roots in some very recognizable games from past generations. Ripstone, responsible for some of our favorite PSN games, is now bringing Playrise’s first iOS Android release to Vita. Table Top Racing will hit Sony’s portable powerhouse with 17 cars, eight tracks, nine power-ups, 30+ events and four-player online multiplayer including global leaderboards.

Table Top Racing is indeed available to play right now and for free on Android and iOS, so I didn’t hesitate to track it down and give it a spin. My first impression of the game based on the first two races was one of boredom. It’s very easy (at first), not very challenging, BUT could definitely benefit from a couple things that only a dedicated gaming console/handheld can offer.

Firstly, no one enjoys touch screen racing controls. I don’t care who you are, blocking precious screen real estate with your fat thumbs does not a good gaming experience make. Using physical buttons and sticks will make this game much more enjoyable, not to mention precise. B) it’s free-to-play on mobile and dropping this by way of one flat fee and not nickel and diming the gamer is more befitting of this type of racer aimed at maybe a younger demographic.

Like I said, that was just an isolated introduction to the game and in no way is a full blown review of the Android version. Vita lacks in fun, fast, colorful, all-ages racing games so Table Top Racing will fit right in with ease. If it plays anywhere near as smoothly and responsive as the mobile version, you can surely count me in to give it a trophy-chasing try!