SingOn Ltd. encourages you to sing on in SingOn free-to-play for PS3 this Spring

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If that title doesn’t drive the message home, then you must live in the US. European PlayStation 3’s will soon be able to download a new free-to-play karaoke game called SingOn, named after the developer SingOn Ltd. Coming this Spring, SingOn will come with 10 full length free-to-play songs. Want more?

SingOn will be a subscription based game, whereby a fee will grant players access to the entire streaming library of music they have on hand. First of all, SingOn Ltd. hasn’t yet determined the 10 free songs. They have said that the game will “launch with thousands of songs including rock, pop, indie, dance and hip-hop classics.” Furthermore, new song updates will come “every week with all the tracks from the UK Top 20 Chart.”

So how much will it all cost to sing on and on without downloading tracks? With the power of bullet points, allow me to share that with you:

  • 3-hour Time Pass = £2.99
  • 48-hour Time Pass = £5.99
  • Full one-year Time Pass = £49.99

The last few details I found most interesting was the party-friendly voice effects TuneOn and RoboOn to keep your party guests from leaving early due to your inability to carry a tune. Also, there is an iOS and Android SingOn app that will allow guests to add songs to the queue while people may still be playing. While I know singing games aren’t as popular in North America as they are in Europe, a part of me would love to see this come stateside.

[Source: EU PlayStation Blog]