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Rental Options Appear On The PlayStation Store (However They Don’t Work )

Posted by on March 13th, 2014 | 2 Comments | Tags:

This curious image was tweeted to me earlier in the day. It shows what looks to be rental options available for Catherine from the PlayStation 3 Store.

I got around to checking it out myself minutes ago, and there are in fact rental options on the title for 1, 7 , or 30 days. I attempted to purchase one of the options and did go through a full check out. However the title was not added to my download list. So checking further I looked at the “Services List” under Transaction Management and what did I find… an entry for Catherine PSNow. Even-though I selected the “1 Day Rental” the expiration date looks to be set 1 month ahead. So seeing how the title isn’t added to the download list, this falls directly in line with how the streaming PS Now service will work. Instead of downloading it, you have access to stream the game for the amount of time under the rental or for as long as you have a PS Now membership I would assume for select games.

Obviously we can see that during the PlayStation maintenance some wires got crossed, but it is cool to see some of the options PS Now offers. With the program in closed beta currently and an expected release window for this summer, maybe we will hear some more about PS Now next week during GDC.

[Thanks @Nabeshin186]