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Reader Spotlight: Top 10 PSM Games by Freelance

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Welcome to the Reader Spotlight, a new PSNStores feature that aims to recognize our awesome readers and allow them to contribute to the site in their own unique way. The editors and writers of PSNStores have taken the time to contribute their own remarks toward the end, and that’s where we hope everyone else will extend the conversation into the comments section below.

This week’s “Reader Spotlight” shines brightly on one of our most frequent readers and commenters, Freelance. When asked what were her favorite PlayStation Mobile games, she didn’t hesitate to provide a 10 top list. It gives me great pleasure to run this feature for the first time and I hope to see more in the near future.

Hi everybody, I’m Freelance. I lurk here on a regular basis and post random comments on occasion. I also have odd taste in games, so here is my top 10 PSM list with #1 being the best of the lot. I haven’t played many of the games PSM fans have been raving about (like Switch Galaxy and Surge), so don’t bother asking me why I didn’t put ‘so and so’ in my list. It’s most likely that I’ve never bought them, and it’s stupid to add games I’ve never tried to my list.

The following games are awesome (to me), and maybe some of you guys will find a couple that you’ve overlooked or never heard of that you’d like to try.

Top 10 PSM list:

10. Mahjong! Mahjong!
9. Cubixx
8. ZooZooGo!
7. 10×8
6. Little Acorns
5. Haunt the House
4. Tokyo Jungle Mobile
3. Monster Hotel
2. rymdkapsel

Click here to reveal #1

What do you guys and gals think of her list? Do you have any PSM favorites that you’d place at the top of your list or is her list pretty solid? I asked the editors and writers at PSNStores to provide some color commentary —  so let’s see what they had to say:

Chris K, Editor-in-Chief

I feel Haunt The House is a game you will only ever play once. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. 10×8 is a great puzzle game, not as good as Yu-Nama, but still has a lot of depth. Plus it has some catchy tunes.

Eric G, Reviews Editor, King of Spelunk

rymdkapsel is a delightfully spacely time sink; I tend to enter a trance whenever I start it.  ZooZooGo! is a lot of simple puzzle fun in one tidy package; great for all ages!

Nick K, Features Editor

Yes, you are sorely missing out on Switch Galaxy, I had a deep connection with that game having spiritually come up with the idea for it about two months before it hit the storefront. It was one of those, “Damn, that was MY idea!” sort of moments. I’d definitely bump Haunt the House up a notch for it’s complete originality. It’s not a port or spin-off.

Andrew B, Editor

This top 10 list incorporates most of my list of PSM games that I want to play.

Jonathan B, Reporter

That top 5 could easily make anyone’s Top PSM games list. My personal favourite is Tokyo Jungle Mobile. It’s a no-frills adaptation of the PS3 game, but is still strong enough to be worth anyone’s time.

Noah B, Reporter

I agree with Freelance’s list being some of the best games on the PSM platform. Out of her list I would have to say Rymdkapsel is my favorite, because of the sheer fun and sense of exploration that came out of playing it.