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PS3 gets HBO Go app today, PS4 in the works, no mention of Vita

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Later today, when the PlayStation Store for PS3 updates, everyone will be able to download the brand new HBO Go app. But not everyone will be able to watch it of course. You’ll have to be a cable subscriber with a package that includes HBO to actually stream anything through the app.

A PlayStation Blog post by Phil Rosenburg, SCEA’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, that details the app coming to PS3 and mentions briefly that Sony is working with HBO to bring the app to PS4 as well. Aside from the standard PS Blog sales pitch about how to use HBO Go, that is it. There is no mention of the app coming to Vita anywhere. It seems as though streaming HBO shows on the Vita is a missed opportunity, even though the app has been on mobile phones for quite sometime.

In fact, the PlayStation 3 is just getting the app today while it has been on the Xbox 360 since late May 2012, nearly one year ago. As PlayStation gamers, we’re quite used to games getting a timed exclusive on Xbox platforms that can last a few months, but an app taking a year to port over is pretty steep. The official HBO Go website has yet to update advertising support for PlayStation devices, but surely that will happen soon.

Complaints aside, are you looking forward to downloading the HBO Go app to your PS3 later today? Will you use it frequently or wait until it comes to PS4? Let us know down below!