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Activision pulls the plug on Guitar Hero franchise DLC

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The plastic instrument video game genre was a big thing in the middle part of the last decade, but fell out of vogue rather quickly. While the retail releases for games like Rockband, and Guitar Hero stopped, the properties still saw life in song packs released through digital platforms. It seems that for Guitar Hero that’s about to end. Activision have announced that sales for downloadable content for the Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Band Hero games will cease starting March 31st. The online servers for the games will remain up, and those that have purchased the DLC will be unaffected by this removal. As a going away present, select songs will go on a 50% off sale.

Activision didn’t explain why their service is ending, but a safe assumption would be the expiration of licenses, and the costs associated with renewing them being too high to justify.

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