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TowerFall Ascension available for PS4 on March 11th

Posted by on February 19th, 2014 | 3 Comments | Tags:

TowerFall Ascension, the “4-player archery combat platformer”, will be coming to the PS4 on March 11th in the US and in Europe not long after. Ascension features 50 new Versus arenas, new customization options, new power-ups, and a brand new 1-2 player Quest mode. Quest mode puts you in an arena with hordes of monsters spawning as you defend yourself in the same way you would in the multiplayer mode. Quest mode features new content to explore which should be nice, if you’re like me, and aren’t always able to get a group of friends together consistently.

Eric played TowerFall Ascension recently on his trip to Indiecade and you can hear some of his thoughts on this weeks podcast here. He’ll also have some impressions going up on the site a little later.