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Skullgirls Encore hits North America this week

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Late last year we reported on a publishing dispute between Konami and Autumn Games resulting in the removal of Skullgirls from PSN. We’re happy to say that the game is returning this week to North American PS3s as Skullgirls Encore. This is the version of the game that will be supported with balance updates, the additional content funded through the game’s Indiegogo campaign, as well as The Typing of the Skullgirls mode (plug in a USB keyboard and type “gottatypefast!” during the opening logos to activate) and of course the rest of the game’s community support. Those interested in learning everything about Encore’s changes are encouraged to check out the first link below. It gets really technical.

If you already own the original release here’s the steps you’ll need to take to get Encore at no additional cost:

– At the time of release, you should receive an XMB message from “Skullgirls” on your PS3
– Clicking the voucher link in that e-mail will redeem the voucher, and take you to the PSN page for Skullgirls Encore
– Download the game
– Don’t forget to download Squigly and the Character Color Bundle DLC, free!
– Enjoy!

If you haven’t jumped into Skullgirls you can purchase the game for $14.99. The free DLC will be available for three months. Developer Lab Zero, and their publishing partners, Autumn and MarvelousAQL, have yet to share their release plans for other regions.

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