How To Make A Japanese PS4 Account (Account Creation + Store Walkthrough)

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So with the PS4 coming out in Japan this week, I have made this handy video for creating a Japanese account straight from your PS4. It also has a walkthrough of the store (skip ahead to around 4:45 for the Store stuff).

If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them below!

  • Chris

    I will sell the PSN account for JapanRocks420 to the highest bidder

    • Abdy

      I will pay you 1 Million PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me this name plz plz

    • Gio

      I’ll give you tree fiddy.

  • Christopher H

    Hey Chris this is way off topic but maybe you can help.I’m having a problems trying to purchase games on the PSN store on my PC.
    When I’m not signed in you see the ADD TO CART button but once I sign into the network the ADD TO CART button no longer is there.I cant add any games to my cart. The browser doesn’t seem to matter I tried different ones, same problem on them all ,any suggestions?

    • Chris

      Have you tried to download them from PS3 or Vita?

    • Christopher H

      Thanks for responding.I started a post on Playstation Network Blog. I haven’t heard from anyone with a solution only other people with same problem. Downloading from PSvita or PS3 works fine. Problem is I don’t have a PS4 yet and next month when PS+ members get a free PS4 game I cant add that to your account from your PS3.

    • Chris

      What region is your account? US/CA? Maybe try private browsing, might be some weird cookies

    • Christopher H

      US I cleared that stuff out. I can add TV show or Movie to my cart but not any Games.

    • elchorno

      Christopher H, is your download list pretty big? Mine is almost reaching 4000 items, and after I sign into the web store (the sign in itself only takes a few seconds), but it takes a good two minutes before the site will give me the add to cart button.

    • Christopher H

      The add to cart button just never shows up. Like in the pictures i posted above. The buy button is there for a TV show right away.

    • elchorno

      Sorry, I didn’t see the 2nd pic up above. I’ve had a lot of odd things happen to my SEN account over the last year or so, with purchased content dissapearing from my download list, to the store giving me quirky problems like the add to cart not showing up for a few minutes after sign in. I have had to contact Playstation support and get escalated to an account specialist twice to have my issues resolved in the past (which took about 2 weeks of waiting each).

    • Christopher H

      Yeah its pretty annoying. I chatted with Sony, nothing came of that just a waist of time. just the basic “it must be you” try a different browser and clear cookies and….that stuff. Hopefully it will fix itself with next store update

    • elchorno

      If you have a smart phone, have you tried the mobile version of the webstore and see if that has the same issue?

    • Christopher H

      Tried my phone not using WIFI same problem. Its some problem with them.

    • Andrew

      Hey Christopher I have been having the same problem on the web store for the past couple of months, each time I log in the add to cart buttons just disappear.

      What fixes it for me is to log in and just stay on a page for a few minutes without clicking on anything. Then head back to the main store page by clicking the Games link on the top of the page. Once the page loads again the add to cart buttons usually show up.

      Hope this helps

    • Christopher H

      Tried that didn’t work for me.I’m Still having a problem purchasing games on the PSN PC store.

      I’ve on line chatted with support no help, called tech support that was even a bigger waste of my time.I started a post on PS forums just got responses from other people with same problem.

      You would think that a company that sells things to people would be more concerned that people cant buy what they are selling. I Guess Not.

      Thanks for your guys help.

  • Kafka

    My question is about the payment method if i want to buy something will i have to buy a japanese playstation point card or can i just buy one from my local store? the same question for the plus membership.

    • Chris

      You would need to get a yen card. I think they do 1000, 2000, 5000. Place like play-asia will email you the voucher.

  • Dutchman

    If i buy a game on my japanese acc can i play and get trophies on my normal acc??

    • Jon Garcia

      Yes you can. Here’s what you do:
      1) make the japanese account your primary account
      2) log out and log in to your main account

      3) while still having your japanese account set as your main PS4, play the game on your main account and you will get the trophies normally. Make sure that when you are done, change the primary account back to your main account. I don’t know what happens if you leave your jap account set as your main PS4, but it’s better to be safe just in case.

  • arpan bains

    what if i switch from my japanese account to my US account like switch from user 1 to user 2 …. does ps plus subscription will still work on both accounts if active it on japanese account and play online games on my other main account??

    • Chris

      if the japanese account is linked to console then you would be able to play online mp with your us account. You would not be entitled to US PS+ games however.

  • Carey

    If I create a japanese ps4 account, can I download and use hulu jp? I live in japan and have a US PS4,

    • TingleMoops

      you tell us. Did it work?

  • Shane Williams

    I live in Australia, can switch my ps to the US store to do the same sorta thing.
    Games are nearly double the price in the aussie psn store

    • Chris

      You would need to buy US PSN cards, but yes you can buy games from the US store.

  • Saahil Nawalkha

    HI I’m Saahil and I live in India. I want to know whether the PSN membership purchased from the US will work on my ps4 which I have purchased from India itself. And will fifa 15 ultimate edition also bought from the US work on my Indian device?

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    Not sure if this post is being followed anymore but I had to basically wipe my PS4 but now I can’t login to my Japan account is this normal? Do I need to create a new account?

  • ryan

    do you need a japanese email account

    • kiano

      no you don’t 😀

  • aaron

    when i finish everything you said i get a letter with a question mark in it i dont know what any of it is saying?

    • Vince Games

      Aaron, the “letter?” is telling you your email has not been confirmed yet. I created a new account (via gmail) that I could use solely for the Japanese psn account. Psn will then send a confirmation email to that account and you will have to click before you can continue. I don’t think that was part of the system when this video was created. (If I’m too late to help you then hopefully someone else can use this information in the future.)

    • DV THE FOX


  • Jackie Hellas

    I’m about to buy Gardiner Miku:Project Diva Future Tone Future Sound, but I got all of my credit card information in, when it asked for corresponding my address, it won’t let me chose anything but Japan. What should I do?

    • lokodpo

      try psn cards

  • Jackie Hellas


  • Siddhant Aggarwal

    what if i forgot password where would the link go if I sgn in with xxx@psnstores.com????