Foul Play stealth revealed for PlayStation 4 according to EGX Rezzed 2014 blog post

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EGX Rezzed is a gaming event designed to showcase various indie PC and console games. It’s hosted in Birmingham and this year’s event will not shy away from having some of the best games playable in The NEC in the heart of the United Kingdom. The EGX Rezzed Blog has made it especially easy to find out what will be playing by providing a convenient list, which just so happens to include a PS4 game no one knew about previously.

Thanks to the EGX Rezzed blog, we now know that Mediatonic’s Foul Play is coming to PlayStation 4. When informed, Mediatonic developer Ed Fear reacted in the way you would expect one to react when a stealth reveal is discovered:

Foul Play sells for $14.99 directly from the developer’s site for Steam and is also available on Xbox Live for the same price. It’s described as a “theater brawler” because your character Baron Dashforth must pummel his way through hordes of costume-wearing baddies while theatrical scene changes alter his surroundings. There is a two-player co-op worth looking into as well.

[Source: EGX Rezzed Blog]